Treating a broad range of gram-positive bacterial infections

ACX-375C, our second program, is also a DNA polymerase IIIC inhibitor. ACX-375C targets the treatment of other gram-positive bacterial infections including those caused by MRSA, VRE and PRSP. These include patients with urinary tract infections, hospital acquired catheter/blood stream infections, intra-abdominal infections, skin and soft tissue infections, bone/joint infections, pneumonia, ear and sinus infections. The foregoing clinical indications constitute a completely different target customer group beyond patients with CDI which is treated by our lead antibiotic program.

Metric Organism
Enterococcus / VRE Staph aureus / MRSA^ Strep pneumoniae / PRSP^^
ACX-375C MIC (μg/mL) 0.63-2.5 1.25-2.5 1.25-5.0
No. of US infections/yr* 66,000/20,000 ~2,000,000/80,500 4,000,000/1,200,000
No. of US deaths/yr* Unknown/1,300 Unknown/11,300 22,000/7,000
Main indications Urinary tract, catheter/blood stream, intra-abdominal infections Skin/soft tissue, hospital-acquired, bone/joint, catheter/bloodstream Pneumonia, ear/sinus infections